About Us

About Long Island Report: The award-winning Long Island Report is a multimedia news organization at Hofstra University. Students gain valuable real-world experience producing news and features for the web. Students learn how to work with editing images, video, audio and html as they create this multimedia content.

Phone Number: (516) 350-8512 Email longislandreport@gmail.com

Faculty Adviser and Managing Editor: Daniel VanBenthuysen

Student Editors:  Jacqueline Itsines, Esme Mazzeo, Natalie Orozco, Priyanka Singh and Stephen Levine

Story ideas: Story ideas can be as varied as Long Island! Features, high school and college sports, entertainment events, and local politics are just some of the topics under discussion! We are interested in a variety of articles; from general news stories, to photo essays, videos, Storifies and soundslides. Got an idea for a story?

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Fran Berkman and Jim Mancari, the 2011/2012 managing editors who won the PCLI “Best Web site” award in 2012.

2013/2014 Editors: Esme Mazzeo

2012/2013 Managing Editor: Tom Uddo; Assistant Managing Editor: Mike Stainkamp; Social Media Editors: Gabrielle Anania and Julie Skrobak; Editor-at-large: Fran Berkman

2011/2012 Managing Editors: Jim Mancari and Fran Berkman | Webmaster: Andrew Lumby | Social Media Coordinators: Tom Uddo and Mike Stainkamp | En Español Editor: Rocío Ungría

2011/Managing Editor: John T. Santucci | Editorial: Samantha Eng, Mike Adams, Maria Betzios, Farhan Husain, Jewel Brangman, Janne Anderson, John Ceravino and Ray Rotella. Webmaster: Ryan Broderick

2010/Managing Editor: Tayla Holman | Editorial: Samantha Eng, Mike Adams, Janne Anderson, John Ceravino. Webmaster: Ryan Broderick